The McGill University Health Centre Auxiliaries are groups of volunteer men and women who raise money for the health centre, as well as promote its image in the community. Money raised by the Auxiliaries is used for projects such as purchasing medical equipment, sponsoring annual research awards, and supporting various programs that enhance patient care within the hospitals and in the community.

A few of the many recent projects the MUHC auxiliaries have made possible:

The Montreal Children's Hospital Auxiliary

Probes for HP U in Cardiology, Research Institute, Ventilator Tester, five Pulse Oximeters, Bronchoscope, Publicity and Promotion for the Salon de la Maternité‚ Infusion Pump, Reverse Osmosis

The Auxiliary of the Montreal Children's Hospital
2300 Tupper Street, Room B283
Montreal, Quebec H3H 1P3
Tel: (514) 412-4400 ext. 22384 for the administrator

The Montreal General Hospital Auxiliary

Physiological Monitoring System, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, EKG Machine, Biphasic Difibrilator, Difibrilator, IV Poles, Renovations and Painting of 19th Floor

The Montreal General Hospital Auxiliary
1650 Cedar Avenue, Room E6.219
Montreal, QC H3G 1A4
Tel.: (514) 934-1934, ext. 43009
or send an email to: MGH Auxilary.

The Royal Victoria Hospital Auxiliary

Obstetrics and Gynecology High-resolution Ultrasound Machine, Neonatology Resusitaire Warmers, Emergency Department Stretchers, Warmer Blankets and Computers, Endoscopy Electrosurgical Generator, Speech Pathology Otoacoustic Emission, Neonatal ICU Resuscitators, Decorating of Wards and Family Visiting Areas

The Auxiliary of the Royal Victoria Hospital
687 Pine Avenue West
Room R1.80
Montreal, QC H3A 1A1
Tel: (514) 843-1548

The Montreal Chest Institute Auxiliary

Patient activities, furniture and equipment

The Montreal Chest Institute Auxiliary
3650 St. Urbain Street
Montreal, Quebec H2X 2P4
Tel.: (514) 849-5201

The Friends of the Neuro

The Friends are volunteers who circulate a cart with a variety of personal items and reading material for patients and families. Occasionally, McGill University student volunteers also provide social and recreational activities through this group. The Friends of the Neuro also organize numerous fundraising activities throughout the year and money raised, together with the proceeds of the Café Neuro, is used to meet direct patient care needs.

The Friends of the Neuro