Mission, vision and values


As a leading, bilingual academic health centre for people of all ages, we work in collaboration with our diverse patients, families, and local and global partners to continually challenge the status quo through the integration of world-class care, cutting-edge research, exceptional learning opportunities, and rigorous evaluation.

We provide exemplary and culturally safe care with compassion for our pediatric and adult patients, with a specific commitment to specialized and ultra-specialized care and service in one’s native tongue.

We expand health knowledge through fundamental, clinical and outcomes research, to transform our clinical, teaching and administrative policies and practices within and beyond our walls.

We provide outstanding cross-disciplinary learning within the MUHC and the broader community, to train new leaders in the rapidly evolving healthcare and societal landscapes.

We develop and assess technologies, processes and practices across our organization and with our partners to facilitate personalized health care, and to promote fair, transparent and pertinent decisions regarding resource allocation.



Work together on a single green campus at the Glen to provide world-class care for people of all ages with complex healthcare needs, where research transforms lives and the next generation trains for worldwide impact.




  • Compassionate care and services developed with and for patients and their families is our calling. It is at the heart of all that we do.
  • Our team members are our single most important asset. Together, we create the conditions in which compassionate care can flourish. We are committed to respecting, supporting, empowering and celebrating each other.


  • We work, make decisions and communicate with respect always top of mind. Integrity and transparency are integral to our approach to good governance, to doing what is right.


  • We continually seek to generate practice-changing knowledge, in order to transform our care, transfer it to our emerging professionals and leaders, and share it with the global research community.


  • We have a boundless commitment to quality and to continuous improvement; the status quo is never enough.
  • We aim to be local, national and global leaders in care, research and teaching.


  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and support amongst team members helps build collective intelligence that leads to more innovation and excellence.
  • Partnerships with McGill University, the McGill Academic Health Network, our foundations, and external colleagues across sectors and industries enhance our potential to do better.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

  • We are all human beings first. Opening our minds increases knowledge, understanding and trust, which in turn creates the welcoming, culturally-safe environment that will enrich our experiences, our impact, and our world.
  • We are proud to be a diverse workforce and to serve a diverse population.

Environmental stewardship

  • We work tirelessly to reduce our footprint to protect the planet and reduce our role in environmental factors that can affect negatively people’s health.