Visiting a patient

Visitors are guests of the patient. Regular visiting hours (which do not apply to family) are from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. This may change based on patient/nursing needs. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. For the patient’s privacy, visitors and family may be asked to leave the patient room for a short period of time.


Visiting guidelines 

The goals of MUHC visiting guidelines are to ensure that our patients receive the best balance of rest, care and support. The patient and family are considered partners in care. The patient will identify their family or significant support.

It is important for the healthcare staff to be able to provide care while maintaining a supportive and comfortable environment for patient and family. The number of family members and visitors in the room is dependent upon the patient’s condition. Guidelines for the presence of family and visitors will be flexible and will respond to the preferences and changing needs of the patient. 

In some circumstances, an individualized visiting plan may be developed to respond to the needs of a specific patient and family or a safety-related concern. It will be developed collaboratively with patient, family and clinical staff.

At the Glen site, families can stay overnight in the single patient rooms on sofas. If doing so, please speak with the patient’s nurse. In areas without these in-room facilities (in critical care units), speak to the patient’s nurse about how you stay overnight.

By following these simple rules you will help promote patient healing and recovery: 

  • Wash hands before and after visiting patients 
  • Respect the posted Infection Control Signs on patient room doors
  • Respect restricted visiting rights. This normally occurs during an outbreak of a contagious illness.
  • Do not touch patients’ wound coverings, tubing or equipment at bedsides 
  • Do not visit if sick with fever, cough, diarrhea or rash 
  • Your belongings can be kept in the drawers underneath the patient room sofa

Mutual respect between family, visitors and healthcare staff is essential. Courteous and respectful behaviour is a requirement.