eEspresso & MyMUHC


Remote accessA remote access to eEspresso, the application that allows employees to electronically access their employee information, paystubs, etc., is available outside of the MUHC only.

eEspresso is only available through devices (desktops, tablets and cell phones) that support Internet Explorer as Logibec is not compatible with other browsers.

Remote access requires a two level security procedure (ie: two passwords) as per the directives from the Ministry of Health and Social Services. 

Employees must possess a cell phone in order to receive by text message a secondary password consisting of 4 digits.

Employees will need this second password in order to access eEspresso from home, or any other location, on devices supporting Internet Explorer. 

For additional information, please contact IS support at 48484 Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. In case you received an error message, please write it down it will help to solve the problem. 

MyMUHC, your intranet

MyMUHC is THE platform allowing employees to be informed on internal communications and to access a load of useful resources. Employees can also personalize their dashboard for their everyday needs depending on their location, activities, interests, etc...