Jean Deschênes, MD, FRCSC


Director of Professional Services at the MUHC (acting)

As a pioneer in ocular immunology, Dr. Jean Deschênes has been instrumental in the development of advanced treatments for complex eye conditions, skillfully blending his deep understanding of internal medicine with the precise surgical techniques of ophthalmology. This rare amalgamation of skills is further enhanced by his foundational role as a general practitioner in emergency medicine, a critical period that marked the commencement of his notable career.

Throughout his career, Dr. Deschênes has assumed critical roles, including that of an administrator for the Collège des Médecins du Québec, Vice Dean for postgraduate medical education, and various leadership positions within the MUHC and McGill University.

Serving as a full professor at McGill University, Dr. Deschênes has not only showcased his vast expertise but has also earned prestigious recognitions, including the ChercheurBoursier from the Fonds de RechercheenSanté du Québec and the McLaughlin scholarship. These honors reflect his extensive and varied contributions to medical science. His mentorship has been pivotal in guiding thedevelopment ofmany health professionals globally, with many becoming prominent innovators and leaders internationally.

JeanDeschênes has studied at prestigious institutions such as Université Laval, McGill, Harvard, and the University of California. His expertise in his field is testimony to his impressive academic portfolio. His academic contributions, with over 150 scientific publications and numerous presentations at international conferences, highlight his substantial and wide-ranging contributions to the medical field. His expertise in medico-legal matters, his unwavering commitment and accomplishments establish him as a leader in medical excellence and innovation.