Medical Education

Undergraduate Medical Education

McGill University has one of the top medical schools in North America, with an international reputation for excellence in clinical training and research. The Undergraduate Medical Education contains a curriculum which provides an integrated, system-oriented, multidisciplinary approach to learning. The faculty supports a collegial and exciting learning environment for its students. Here you can find more information about undergraduate medical education programs.

Postgraduate Medical Education

McGill Postgraduate Medical Education accepts applications from medical doctors who wish to apply for an accredited residency program or for a post-residency fellowship. The McGill Faculty of Medicine, together with its MUHC and other teaching hospitals and health facilities, provides excellent resources for creating an environment appropriate for training medical graduates.

Graduate Studies in Basic and Clinical Sciences

The McGill Faculty of Medicine offers a number of graduate degree programs in the basic and clinical sciences, leading to MSc, PhD, or MD-PhD degrees. Many researchers and clinicians that supervise graduate or medical students have affiliations with the MUHC. Here you can find general information about Research and Graduate study programs within the McGill Faculty of Medicine.

Continuing Health Professional Education

Continuing Health Professional Education (CHPE) programs administered through the Faculty of Medicine serve to educate MUHC physicians, residents, nurses and students, following completion of formal training so that they can provide the best health care possible. McGill CHPE offers Web-based content, courses and conferences to help physicians remain up-to-date, as well as providing assistance in arranging individual learning activities to address specific learning needs.

Faculty Development Office

The Faculty Development Office sponsors faculty development activities throughout the Faculty of Medicine and promotes excellence in teaching and learning. Activities are designed to assist faculty members in their roles as educators, researchers, and administrators using a broad range of methods.

Institute of Health Sciences Education

The Institute of Health Sciences Education promotes excellence and scholarship across the continuum of health sciences education. More specifically, the Institute of Health Sciences Education at McGill:

  • encourages innovation and excellence in teaching and learning;
  • serves as a resource for curriculum development;
  • conducts research and scholarly work in health sciences education;
  • and ensures that research advances the filed of health sciences education and informs educational practice.
McGill Mini-Med Public Lecture Series

The Faculty of Medicine offers an six-week lecture series for the public, taught by McGill professors. Mini-Med allows the public to participate in an exciting, fun and informative program that brings people together with experts in the field of science and medicine.