Nursing Education at the MUHC

Nursing Education at the MUHC

Nursing Education at the MUHC

Professional development for MUHC nurses

At the MUHC, we understand that the professional growth of our nurses is essential in addressing the major challenges facing healthcare organizations.

That is why, under the Nursing Directorate, our Professional Practice, Education, Workforce Organization and Research Team focuses on transforming patient care through training, education and lifelong learning. 

Road map for a new nurse or licensed practical nurse (LPN)

The transition period for a new graduate into the workforce can be challenging and stressful.   

At the MUHC, we take pride in helping our new employees navigate this time and in supporting their professional development.

All newly hired nurses and LPNs will attend:

  • an MUHC welcome day
  • three Central Nursing Orientation days
  • a theory day focused on their area of expertise

Unit managers automatically register new staff for Genesis sessions. These protected education days are offered 3-4 times a year.

The MUHC also offers many educational opportunities, such as:

  • interactive workshops
  • self-directed learning modules
  • career path programs


Road map

Road map  (PDF)


Genesis is a valued educational program at the MUHC.  It was developed to support our new nursing staff once they finish their orientation period. Most Genesis groups are unit-based, but some are mission-based (for example: surgery, oncology, etc.). Groups meet three to four times a year.  

Genesis is a safe space where participants can share their experiences, concerns and knowledge with one another in a narrative community and spend time with their managers. The goal is to advance the learners’ practice in a fun and interactive way through simulations, games and case studies. The content of the day is based on the participants’ learning needs. 


Genesis  (PDF)

MUHC workshops

A variety of workshops for nurses and LPNs are offered at the MUHC during the year.They are open to all levels of experience.  

Situational workshops run simulations and debriefings on topics such as medical emergencies, patients with challenging behaviours and complex skills.  Other workshops prepare graduates to become in charge and prepare staff to become preceptors. We also offer CEPI and CEPIA prep examsandmany different certifications such as ACLS and wound care

MUHC Workshops

MUHC workshops  (PDF)


This chart is a portrait of our nursing professional development activities, which address the needs of nurses in all career stages. Access to these activities helps nurses discover their strengths and supports them as they advance in their careers. Our mission is to equip all our healthcare professionals with the skills, knowledge and innovative experiences to have a positive impact on the patient and family experience.

Nursing professional development

Nursing professional development  (PDF)


The Ingram School of Nursing is recognized as a leader in nursing education, research and practice, and has gained international recognition for the excellence, creativity, and rigor of its academic programs. Nursing students benefit from the expertise of both research faculty and practitioners. Programs of study are offered at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.