Last update: The information and consent form (ICF) template for adult participants in clinical trials containing the MSSS-FRQ clauses have been updated. As of February 7, 2017, new English and French versions (V2) available below must be used for all new clinical trials.

Updated consent form templates for Non-interventional research and Biobanking will be available shortly, as well as consent form templates for pediatric participants. In the meantime, you may use the following version of the consent form template for Investigator-initiated clinical research (Pediatrics) while considering the MSSS-FRQ clauses available below. Other templates, such as the Biobanking/registry framework template will also be updated shortly as per new MSSS/FRQ clauses and available below.

Phase I: Considering that Phase I studies present a lot of particularities, researchers should either create a tailored consent form or carefully adapt available templates to accurately represent the study.

QI vs Research screening 
ICF templates for clinical trials (Adults) (V2) English version French version
ICF templates for Non-interventional research English version Forthcoming
Pediatrics-ICF templates for investigator initiated and single MUHC site  English version French version
Pediatrics-MSSS ICF templates for clinical trials and/or multi-centre studies English version French version
Template for Children's Oncology Group (COG) English version French version
Consent form templates for Investigator initiated clinical research (Pediatrics) English version French version
Consent form template - Biobanking Forthcoming Forthcoming
MSSS-FRQ Regulatory clauses English version French version  
GDPR Appendix English version French version
Biobanking/Registry Management framework template English version Forthcoming
Protocol template for HRR Research English version Forthcoming