MUHC Research Ethics Board (REB) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)


New SOPs adopted by the MUHC REB

New standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the Research Ethics Board (CER) of the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) will be in effect as of March 20, 2020. The SOPs codify the practice and lay out the regulatory requirements for conducting research with human beings under the auspices of the MUHC. The SOPs were developed based on the national model made available by CAREB-ACCER and N2 and by integrating the specifications present in the normative framework of the Province of Quebec. This was made possible thanks to the efforts of a working group supported by the CATALIS initiative that brought together representatives from two other university health centre (CHU).

The new SOPs replace the ​corresponding sections of the 2010 Regulatory Framework in Health Research at the McGill University Health Centre and are an update to the REB SOPs in effect since 2017. The SOPs are available in French and English on the MUHC REB website and can be consulted by research teams, commercial sponsors, and any other interested stakeholder.

The harmonization of our SOPs with those of other sites will make it possible for researchers who have projects ongoing at other sites to be confident that they meet the requirements of those sites whose logo has been affixed to the version of the SOPs found on the MUHC REB website. At this point, this includes the CHUM and the CHU Sainte-Justine. Other sites within the Quebec healthcare network (RSSS) are similarly in the process of adopting the harmonized SOPs.

We would like to recognize the spirit of sharing and collaboration that has enabled this accomplishment. Please note that additional training material will proximately be made available on the MUHC REB website.


Summary of changes

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REB SOP #titleeffective date
100 General Administration (101-108)
101.001Authority and Purpose2021-03-22
102.001Research Requiring REB Review2021-03-22
103.001Training and Education2021-03-22
104.001Management of REB Support Staff2021-03-22
105A.001Conflicts of Interest – REB Members and Support Staff2021-03-22
105B.001Conflicts of Interest – Researcher2021-03-22
105C.001Conflicts of Interest – Board of Directors2021-03-22
106.001Signatory Authority2021-03-22
107.001Use and Disclosure of Personal Information2021-03-22
108.001Standard Operating Procedures Maintenance2021-03-22
200 REB Organization (201-204)
201.001Composition of the REB2021-03-22
202.001Management of REB Membership2021-03-22
203.001Duties of REB Members2021-03-22
204.001REB Support Staff Serving as REB MembersTBA
300 Functions and Operations (301-303)
301.001REB Submission Requirements and Administrative Review2021-03-22
302.001REB Meeting Administration2021-03-22
303.001Document Management2021-03-22


(MUHC REB only)

Billing for services provided to private enterprise by the MUHC REB 
(In French, English version coming soon)
400 Reviews of Research (401-409)
401.001-1REB Review Decisions2021-03-22
402.001Delegated Review2021-03-22
403.001-1Initial Review – Criteria for REB Approval2021-03-22
404.001-1Recruitment and Informed Consent Requirements2021-03-22
405A.001-1Ongoing REB Review Activities2021-03-22
405B.001Continuing ReviewTBA
406.001Annual Review – Renewal of REB Approval2020-03-20
407.001Suspension or Termination of REB Approval2020-03-20
408.001Research Completion2020-03-20
409.001Communication of REB Decisions2020-03-20
500 Reviews requiring Special Consideration (501-504)
501.001-1REB Review During Publicly Declared Emergencies2020-03-20
503.001Multisite ResearchTBA
504.001Research on Assisted Reproductive TechnologiesTBA
600 Researcher Qualifications and Responsibilities (601)
601.001Researcher Qualifications and Responsibilities2020-03-20
700 Quality Control (701-702)
701.001Quality Assurance2020-03-20
702.001Non-Compliance with the Responsible Conduct of Research2020-03-20