Policies and Guidelines

I.    Applicable policies

A) Policies required by the Cadre de référence ministériel pour la recherche avec des participants humains (2020) :

1. Cadre réglementaire de l’établissement sur les activités de recherche (approval pending - PDF will be added when final):

a) Policy on Biobanks and Databases (BBDB) for Research Purposes [.pdf] (June 2018)

b) Policy on the approvals and institutional authorization required to conduct research involving human participants under the auspices of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) [.pdf] (September 2021)

c) Policy on the Research Ethics Board of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC REB) [.pdf] (September 2021)


B) Other policies relevant to research conducted at the MUHC (section under construction as of 2022-08-24)

1. McGill University: Ethical & Legal Aspects of Research Involving Human Subjects Conducted in the Faculty of Medicine & Affiliated Hospitals: Policies & Procedures [.pdf] (March 2007 – presently under review) and Appendices to Faculty of Medicine Policy and Procedures [.pdf] (March 2004 – presently under review)

2. McGill University: Guidelines regarding support to researchers in terms of confidentiality [.pdf] (March 2015)

3. McGill University: Guidelines for the Management of Data and Tissue Banks [ .pdf] (March 2015)

4. McGill University: Statement Concerning Institutional Support to Researchers in Maintaining Promises of Confidentiality [.pdf] (April 2015)

5. McGill University: Regulation on the Conduct of Research [.pdf] (February 2019)

6. McGill University: Regulations Concerning the Investigation of Research Misconduct [.pdf] (March 2021)

7. McGill University: Policy on the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Participants [.pdf] (March 2022) 


II. Archive (section under review as of 2022-08-24):

A. MUHC Policies:

1. Regulatory Framework in Health Research at the McGill University Health Centre [.pdf] (November 2010)


B. McGill University Policies:

1. Guidelines for the Management of Data and Tissue Banks [.pdf] (March 2007) 

2. Faculty of Medicine General Guidelines for Biobanks and Associated Databases [.pdf] (March, 2015)

3. Glossary of Terms for Reviewing Human Subjects Research [.pdf] (undated)