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Policies and Guidelines


Regulatory Framework in Health Research at the McGill University Health Centre [.pdf] (November 2010) Under review

Guidelines regarding support to researchers in terms of confidentiality [.pdf] (March 2015)

McGill University

Guidelines for the Management of Data and Tissue Banks [.pdf] (March 2007) Under review 

McGill University Policy on the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects [.pdf] (September 2011) 

McGill University Ethical and Legal Aspects of Research Involving Human Subjects Conducted in the Faculty of Medicine and Affiliated Hospitals Policies and Proc [.pdf] (March 2007)

Appendices to Faculty of Medicine Policy and Procedures [.pdf] (March 2004)

Glossary of Terms for Reviewing Human Subjects Research [.pdf]

Guidelines on Public Advertising for Recruitment of Human Subjects in Research Projects [.pdf] (March, 1995)

McGill University Research Regulatory Framework [.pdf] (June, 2010)

McGill University - Faculty of Medicine General Guidelines for Biobanks and Associated Databases  [.pdf] (March, 2015)