Submit and manage projects (Nagano)

The MUHC Research Ethics Board (REB) uses a web based platform called Nagano for the submission and review of all studies conducted at MUHC. Please visit this website frequently for all the latest information on Nagano.

If you want to create a Nagano account, or if you're having problem with your Nagano account, please contact us at: [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the connection to Nagano secured?

A: Yes, the connection is secured.

Q: How are the REB official documents (letters & forms) signed in Nagano?

A: Nagano offers the possibility of reducing use of paper and increasing efficiency by using electronic or digital signatures. This means that REB official documents (letters and forms) are signed electronically in Nagano by a person having the appropriate authority to do so.  As the system is designed to ensure strict control of access, only duly authorized persons can enter their name and date on official documents.

Pursuant to our MUHC-REB SOP 106.001 - Signatory authority, Co-Chairs of the REB can delegate the signing of official documents to persons identified in the delegation log. Thus:

  • REB letters and forms can be signed by the Chair, the Co-Chair, or by the REB coordinator “for the Co-Chair”. 
    For example:
  • Example_LetterSign 
Q: Are there any deadlines for submission of new projects?

A: No, there are no submission deadlines. Please submit your projects when they are ready.

Q: Once the submission is completed, what should I do if I want to make changes?

A: Contact us at [email protected] for any assistance

Q: How can I delete a project that was discontinued or that was created by mistake?

A: Only an REB administrator can delete a project that was created in Nagano. You must contact us at [email protected]  

Q: Is it possible for different people to insert documents for the same project?

A: Yes. Everyone who has a “user” access to a project can access the form to complete the different sections and add documents.

Q: When I log into Nagano, which projects will I access?

A: You will have access to all your active and shared projects. If you have a problem accessing a project, you must contact us at [email protected] 

Q: With whom can I manage my projects?

A: Only persons who have an MUHC access to Nagano can be added as “users” and have access to your projects.

Q: How can I give someone access to my project?

A: Only the "main user" for a given project can add/delete other users for this project. Different users can be added to different projects. You must then click on “Share” and select the user you wish to give access to. For multi-centre projects, instructions on managing projects with persons from other centres are forthcoming.

Q: Where can I find the link to Nagano?

A: The link for Nagano is:

Q: Who do I contact if I have a problem with Nagano?

A: Contact us at [email protected] 

Q: What is the recommended browser to use Nagano?

A: The recommended browser for using Nagano is Google Chrome. Microsoft Internet explorer (version 8 or above) was tested and guarantees the compatibility of the basic functions of Nagano. Safari has been tested sporadically and is functional. However, Google Chrome is the browser of choice for using Nagano and we will not be able to offer support for other browsers.

Q: Will I receive an email when I will need to fill a renewal form?

A: Yes, an email is sent to the email address linked to your Nagano account unless you have changed the default parameters of the activity follow-ups in your profile.

Q: Can I change the email address linked to my Nagano account?

A: Yes. By accessing your profile, you can add a second email address in the "preferred email" tab. This address will be used first.

Q: If I did not have time to complete the entire form, do I lose the filled out fields?

A: No. Each section of the form is saved individually. Just click the button "save and continue" after each question. You can fill out the same form over several days / times of the day.

Q: When creating a project, I can say that my project is a multicenter project only if …

A: My project involves two centers or more in Quebec, including my establishment.

Q: How can I verify the status of my project and/or of different forms?

A: To verify the status of a given project, click on the blue “Statuses” button available on your project’s page. To verify the status of a form, click on the blue “Forms” button and check out the table’s “Status” column.

Q: How can I verify when or at which meeting my project will be evaluated?

A: This information is available in the “Statuses” tab by clicking on the grey dropdown menu entitled “Reb meetings”.

Q: Why must I upload the last approved version of all my project’s documents with the “Study update” form or at the time of it’s 1st Continuing Review in Nagano?

A: We could not transfer the documents from your project’s paper file from eReviews to the Nagano database. We therefore ask you to upload them in Nagano to ensure your Nagano project file is complete going forward. You will have the choice to upload the last approved version of your project’s documents with the “Study Update” form or at the time of your project’s 1st Continuing Review in Nagano. Please keep in mind that this step must be completed only once and is only applicable for projects that were migrated to Nagano.

Contact information

In case of difficulty or for any query regarding Nagano, please contact us:

Courriel : [email protected]

If you choose to write us with a problem you are facing with Nagano, please specify the following:

1. The project number you are having a problem with (if applicable);

2. Your user name (IUN);

3. The time and date the problem occurred;

4. A detailed description of the problem;

5. The URL of the page where the problem occurs;

6. The URL of the previous page (the page you were on just before the problem occurred);

7. A screen shot of the problem (error message, etc.);

8. Your contact info.

Updated August 3 2023