Public Art at the Glen

The Glen site of the McGill University Health Centre is home to an impressive collection of public art for patients, visitors, healthcare professionals, and the public to enjoy. On display in eleven architectural spaces around the site, the collection offers viewers a diverse overview of artwork that fit harmoniously within this hospital setting while evoking feelings of optimism and hope. These works of art play an integral role in developing a truly healing environment designed specifically for patients and their families.

The addition of these eleven works to the MUHC public art collection has been made possible thanks to the Government of Quebec’s Ministry of Culture and Communication Politique d’intégration des arts à l’architecture, which requires public construction projects to reserve 1% of their budget for the integration of public art. In this light, the Glen site is now home to one of the largest public art collections in the history of the province.

Click to download - A Walking Tour of Art on Display at the Glen Site