Request an HTA

Applications must be submitted by a member of the MUHC community including members of McGill RUIS

To submit an application, please click on the link  TAU REQUEST FORM​ and submit your completed form.

Evaluating a request for a health technology assessment (HTA)

When considering the acceptance of topics for study, the TAU does not use a list of selection criteria. Rather, each topic is selected or rejected using the following global approach. A necessary prelude to selecting a project is the receipt of a satisfactorily completed standardized application form that has been approved by the concerned clinical and administrative mission directors and division chief.

Underlying principle

Since the resources of TAU are limited, each report must produce the greatest possible benefit to the institution (MUHC) with the lowest possible use of available resources.

Specific questions

Accordingly, before accepting a request to undertake an assessment, the following questions must be considered:

  1. Does TAU have all the resources necessary to carry out the report?
  2. How urgent is this question? Can we produce a timely report?

Find out more about the HTA process: TAU Flow Chart [.pdf]