Male Fertility Treatments and Disorders

The MUHC Reproductive Centre has one of the largest teams of experienced urologists who are trained in male reproductive medicine and male sexual health. We provide a comprehensive fertility evaluation to all male partners for their reproductive and sexual health utilizing advanced techniques to diagnose and treat sperm abnormalities that interfere with fertilization. The combination of new technology with advanced clinical methods used in our Centre has benefited numerous infertile men who can now be managed confidently with good prospects of fatherhood.

What is Male Infertility

The specialty of Male Reproductive Medicine has grown a lot over the past few years. Recent studies indicate that in about 50% of couples experiencing infertility, the male partner has some form of infertility conditions that can benefit from treatment after a full medical evaluation.

Couples generally prefer to conceive by natural methods, avoiding treatment regimens such as IVF and intra-uterine insemination. At our Centre, this is strongly encouraged, especially where the female partner is in good reproductive health and young.


In the evaluation of male fertility, the man is interviewed with his partner by our andrologist/urologist. Initial evaluations may require urine, blood, or additional specialized sperm tests. Treatment options, which may include medical or surgical therapies, will be discussed in detail. 

Lifestyle Modification

In addition to the various advanced reproductive technologies and treatment modalities, we provide health counselling to couples to help them achieve a healthy life-style and avoid exposure to detrimental factors that could further impair their general and reproductive health. Measures such as smoking cessation and avoidance of inhalation of other toxic substances, regular exercise, a healthy diet, and stress reduction management are strongly encouraged for couples going through fertility management.

Medical Therapies

Some hormonal imbalances such as hypogonadism although common, can sometimes be challenging to diagnose. However, when properly diagnosed, these men can be candidates for various forms of medical and surgical therapies to improve their fertility profile.

Infection or other inflammatory conditions in the male reproductive tract are other common causes that have been associated with subnormal semen profile and impaired fertilization capability of sperm. Careful diagnosis and treatment of these conditions by an andrologist/urologist in our Centre have allowed many men to improve semen parameters.

Men with Genetic Disorders

Recent molecular genetic studies suggest that unexplained infertility in men may be due to underlying genetic disorders. At the MUHC Reproductive Centre, we provide advanced genetic evaluation for infertile men. 

Genetic evaluations for male infertility may include a blood test for karyotype analysis to evaluate anomalies in the chromosomes, a Y-chromosome microdeletion analysis, and a CFTR mutation screening to identify cystic fibrosis or related disorders.

Our andrologists/urologists and geneticists provide professional counseling to all couples before and after genetic screening to address concerns about their general and reproductive health as well as the health of their future children.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Ejaculatory Disorders

Men with spinal cord injury, diabetes, pelvic and bladder injury or other neurological conditions may have severe impairment to their sexual function, particularly in the ejaculation of semen. We provide special options to retrieve sperm for assisted reproduction such as ejaculation by vibratory stimulation, electro-ejaculation, and percutaneous needle aspiration of sperm on an outpatient basis.