Division of Rheumatology

Joint pain, muscle stiffness, back pain… do you experience these symptoms? They are common reasons for consultation in rheumatology. 

At the MUHC, we aim to provide state-of-the-art care for patients with rheumatic diseases, including diagnosis and treatment of many inflammatory arthritic and multi-systemic conditions. This is achieved through providing exemplary clinical service, training experts in adult rheumatology, and conducting scholarly research. 

Strongly committed to the principles of academic social responsibility, the Division of Rheumatology also strives to advance rheumatology in developing countries.

The Team

The Rheumatology Division is made up of physicians and researchers, as well as administrative and clerical staff.

  • Division Director: Dr. Christian A. Pineau, Rheumatologist
  • Residency Training Program Director: Dr. Elizabeth Hazel, Rheumatologist