Care and Services

In the Rheumatology Division, priority is given to early diagnoses and treatments of conditions such as:

  • rheumatoid arthritis, 
  • juvenile idiopathic arthritis, 
  • lupus, 
  • vasculitis, 
  • spondyloarthropathies (such as psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis), 
  • and other inflammatory conditions. 

Although we do offer consultation services for all rheumatological conditions, the volume of patients with the above-mentioned inflammatory diseases is such that we cannot always guarantee rapid access for other conditions. For referral and wait time guidelines, click here.

We have 3 specialty clinics that integrate clinical care and research activities:

  1. The lupus and vasculitis clinic: Founded in 1979, this world renowned clinic uses a multi-specialty approach to provide state of the art clinical care, research and teaching in lupus, vasculitis and other multi-systemic connective tissue diseases.

    Director: Dr. Christian Pineau
    Members: Dr. Sasha Bernatsky, Dr. Louis-Pierre Grenier, Dr. Emil Nashi, Dr. Evelyne Vinet.
    Tel: 514-934-8037
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinic: The mission of the Arthritis Program at the MUHC is to improve the outcome of patients living with arthritis, facilitate early diagnosis, and provide targeted and personalized treatments. With a patient-centered approach we aim at ensuring coordinated, integrated, comprehensive and proactive care delivery; supporting and facilitating patient self-management, and promoting the generation of new knowledge through the participation in local, national and international basic sciences and epidemiological research studies.

    Director: Dr. Ines Colmegna  
    Member: Dr. Pantelis Panopalis  
    Tel: 514-934-1934 ext. 31631
  3. Young Adult with Rheumatic Disease (YARD) Clinic: This clinic provides multidisciplinary care to patients with juvenile arthritis through a partnership with the Constance Lethbridge Rehabilitation Hospital.

    Director: Dr. Elizabeth Hazel
    Tel: 514-934-1934 ext. 42437