OACIS is the system that the MUHC uses as an electronic medical record. You will need to use this to obtain information about your patients over the course of your placement. You will receive a username and password at the beginning of your rotation from the clinical coordinator. There will be an on-site training as well.

These are the sections you are expected to review before starting your clinical placement:


Oacis - Clinical Viewer 

Module 1 - Introduction
Module 2 - Navigation principles 
Module 4.1 - Clinical informations : Basic informations and laboratories 
Module 4.3 - Clinical informations : Medical Imaging 
Module 4.4 - Clinical informations : Microbiology 
Module 4.5 - Clinical informations : Transcription
Module 4.6 - Clinical informations : Pharmacy
Module 4.7 - Clinical informations : Pathology
Module 5 - Reports and Workgroup
Electronic Medical Records – Getting Started


Oacis - Clinical Documentation

Clinical measures : Introduction
Acessing clinical measures
Entering clinical measures
Viewing clinical measures
Viewing clinical notes
Correcting mistakes
Braden scale
Viewing Braden scale
Appendix A : Pediatric considerations
Appendix B : FAQ

Accessing Scanned Documents - Cheat sheet [pdf]
You can access scanned documents such as previous charts, electronic medical documents and OT/PT reports, etc. 

AccessANYware - Scanned Documents Viewer

Module 6 - Numérisation

O-Word - Clinical Notes Editor

Module 14 - O-Word