For Seniors

Prevention… a habit that should improve with age

For the young or old, prevention remains the surest way to avoid injuries. It’s a good habit to adopt early in life and to maintain as you grow older.

Now that we’re living longer and staying healthier, there’s even more reason to take precautions and avoid becoming disabled as a result of a bad fall.

The Montreal General Hospital’s Trauma Program is particularly concerned with the consequences of falls in older people. To this end, it has launched a major program of awareness and prevention offering various communication tools. 

Presentations can be organized at establishments like community centres and seniors’ residences. Information booths can be set up at events promoting caution and prevention. The Trauma Program can offer a number of informative documents and can even assign a professional to be on-site to answer questions.

All these services are available free, in both English and French. 

For further details or help in planning a presentation on prevention of falls, contact the Adult Trauma Program at 514 934-1934, ext. 44412, or by email at[email protected].

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