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Temporary recruitment - COVID-19

The MUHC needs people who can help in several areas to counter the adverse effects of COVID-19. The MUHC is looking for individuals who can contribute, as soon as possible and for a temporary period , as vaccinators for the vaccination sites and as healthcare aides for the care units.

Available positions

Vaccinators and swabbers

The MUHC is looking for individuals to assist in our immunization and testing efforts.

  • Nurses and nursing assistants needed
  • Glen site and Montreal General Hospital
  • Possibility to work 6-hour/8-hour or 12-hour shifts
  • Flexible schedule according to availability

Healthcare Aide

The MUHC is looking for candidates to support the teams in the various care units.

  • Supports teams in the implementation of infection control measures such as restocking personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning and disinfection of nursing equipment on the care unit, as well as the proper use of PPE.
  • Manages visitors on the care units during a pandemic.
  • Performs all other tasks related to the performance of his/her duties at the request of his/her superior.
  • Salary: $20.48/hr
  • High school diploma V (D.E.S.)
  • French and English, spoken and read

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