Tests for Male Patient

Following your first appointment, your doctor will prescribe basic investigations. These tests will allow your physician to assess your condition in a more efficient way.

Basic Tests for Male Patients

The semen analysis performed at the MUHC Reproductive Centre is reserved for patients who are under the care of our physicians.

This test is performed at the MUHC Reproductive Centre by appointment only.
Call 514 843-1650 for an appointment. Please read the following instructions carefully:

2-3 days of sexual abstinence (and no more than 5 days) is recommended before the test.

It is advised that the sperm sample is produced by masturbation. A private room at the MUHC Reproductive Centre is available for this purpose and a sterile and labelled container will be provided.

Should you prefer to produce the sample at home, it should be delivered directly to the Laboratory reception, within 90 minutes of the time of collection. The specimen should be kept at room temperature during travel to the lab.

Before producing a sample, it is important to wash and thoroughly rinse the penis and groin area from all soap residues. Hands should be washed and rinsed before masturbation.

An appointment is always required even when producing a sample at home. You will be requested to provide your RAMQ Medicare card as well as the hospital card at the time of your semen analysis appointment.

The blood tests can be done at the Reproductive Centre without an appointment on the same day as the semen analysis appointment. Make sure you have a request form.


Test Results

Only tests performed at the MUHC (Glen site Blood Test Centre) will be automatically sent to us. It is your responsibility to ensure that results for tests performed outside the MUHC reach us at least one week before your appointment with the physician.

If you have already done the required tests within the past year, please send us the results. Any test result that is older than one year will not be accepted.

Sending Results

Test results should be faxed to 514 843-1496.

Please do not call the MUHC Reproductive Centre for your test results as the staff is not permitted to give results over the telephone.