Close to 1,000 lives saved thanks to the contribution of a resource nurse in organ and tissue donation at the MUHC: Wendy Sherry, winner of the Grand Prix 2019 presented by Transplant Québec

Montreal – Transplant Québec and the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) are proud to announce that Ms. Wendy Sherry, a resource nurse in organ and tissue donation at the MUHC, has been named Laureate of the Grand Prix 2019 awarded by Transplant Québec, in recognition of her remarkable involvement, leadership and professionalism in helping to advance organ donation practices in Québec. This award was presented before her peers as well as collaborators, the families of donors she has helped, and transplant recipients.

 This award recognizes the rigour, innovation and leadership of Ms. Sherry, an experienced nurse dedicated to the cause. “Through her efforts to raise awareness and educate her community and the public, she actively contributes to the establishment of a culture of organ and tissue donation in a hospital setting, values that are dear to Transplant Québec,” said Mr. Louis Beaulieu, Executive Director of Transplant Québec.

 “This honour is well deserved and speaks volumes about Ms. Sherry’s exceptional qualities as a health professional and a human being,” explained Dr. Pierre Gfeller, President and Executive Director of the MUHC. “Since she accepted what was supposed to be a 10-month replacement position in 2005, Ms. Sherry has taken steps to understand all aspects of this complex role, and above all, to know how to inform and support families through what is always an extremely difficult and emotional period.” 

 In close to 15 years, Ms. Sherry has supported some 400 families and helped coordinate almost 300 organ donations. “With her dynamism, empathy and dedication, she has advanced the cause of organ and tissue donation. Caring for and communicating with donor families is a core component of her commitment. Her approach has allowed many families to deal more peacefully with the loss of a loved one while contributing to organ donation,” Mr. Jean Gravel, President of the Board of Directors at Transplant Québec, says with pride as he presents this award to Ms. Sherry. “Being a nurse goes beyond injuries and illness for me. The patient forms a whole with his or her family, and this is particularly true in an organ donation setting,” says Ms. Sherry about receiving the award.

 The Grand Prix recognizes the remarkable contribution of a Québec-based physician, a health or social services professional, or a manager whose expertise is acknowledged by his or her peers and whose involvement in organ donation and transplantation dates back at least 10 years.

 Wendy Sherry, builder of a culture of donation

Over the course of her career, Wendy Sherry has shown leadership qualities by promoting and supporting the development of organ and tissue donation. She plays an active part in the integration of donation-related activities at the MUHC: sitting on donation committees, participating in numerous awareness and teaching activities, improving the identification and maintenance of potential donors, and the improvement of access to the operating block for organ donors. Ms. Sherry is also deeply involved in ongoing training for physicians, nurses and inhalation therapists.

She possesses exceptional human qualities, which are reflected in the excellent support she offers to grieving families. Ms. Sherry is quick to forge relationships of trust which support and guide donor families. She is endearing and committed to all those she comes across, and is particularly sensitive to their cultural and religious needs.

 The exemplary practices of organ donation at the MUHC are largely the result of Ms. Sherry’s dedication to raising awareness and education amongst health care professionals and the general public.

Thanks to her qualities, a true culture of donation has flourished at the MUHC.

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About organ donation

In 2018, some 164 deceased Quebecers donated their organs, and 451 people benefited from a transplant. In addition, the number of people waiting for a transplant dropped from 1,264 in 2011 to 805 in 2018, a decrease of almost 40% in the size of the waiting list.

About Transplant Québec

Transplant Québec has a mandate from the Minister of Health and Social Services to save lives and improve the health of persons in need of a transplant by coordinating the organ donation process, ensuring the equitable allocation of organs, supporting best clinical practices through consensus-building and the mobilization of its partners, and promoting organ donation in the society at large. Transplant Québec therefore works to ensure that the greatest possible number of Quebecers waiting for an organ can benefit from a transplant in as timely a fashion as practicable.

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