Disciplines and Services

The Montreal General Hospital's Trauma Program is the most multidisciplinary in North America!

                              Medical group                           Paramedical group
Anesthesiologists Oral and
maxillofacial surgeons
Advanced practice nurses Pharmacists
Cardiac surgeons Orthopedic surgeons Audiologists Physiotherapists
Dental medicine specialists Otorhinolaryngologists Blood bank technologists Psychologists
Emergency physicians Physiatrists Clinical coordinators Respiratory therapists
General/Trauma surgeons Plastic surgeons Clinical nurses Social workers
Geriatricians Pneumologists Medical imaging technologists Speech therapists
Hematologists Psychiatrists Medical laboratory technologists Support group
Intensivists Radiologists Neuropsychologists Archivists
Internists Thoracic surgeons Nurse educators Clerical staff
Neurosurgeons Urologists Nutritionists Organ donation team
Obstetricians-gynecologists Vascular surgeons Occupational therapists Patient care attendants
Ophthalmologists   Perfusionists Spiritual services team