Surgery Department

Surgery Department

Surgery Department

The MUHC Department of Surgery performs over 17,000 procedures each year. We take care of many complex cases and perform some of the most complicated interventions.

Innovation in patient care

The surgeons at the MUHC have a long tradition of innovation. Over 100 years ago, Dr. Edward Archibald pioneered thoracoplasty for the surgical treatment of Tuberculosis. In 1958, the first successful renal transplant in the comonwealth was performed at the Royal Victoria Hospital . Recent years have seen exciting new developments in surgery with the introduction of minimally invasive and robotic procedures that improve recovery for patients. We have pioneered the use of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery care pathways, including patient education and prehabilitation to best prepare patients for surgery.


The MUHC Department of Surgery plays an important educational role in the community and internationally. With its accredited residency and fellowship programs, we train future surgical leaders for Quebec, Canada and the world. Our surgeons are all faculty in the Department of Surgery at McGill University, a leading academic surgical program. Our innovative Surgeon-Scientist program that trains new researchers is recognized as exceptional in North America. Our surgeons have also been at the forefront in the development and use of surgical simulation for surgical training.


Our surgeons and scientists perform innovative research that is internationally recognized. Our focus is research and innovation with the potential to transform patients’ lives. This includes work in cancer, musculoskeletal disease and surgical outcomes.

The Department of Surgery is organized into 9 clinical divisions:


How to reach the Department

  • Dr. Liane Feldman, Surgeon-in-chief, MUHC

Montreal General Hospital
1650 Cedar Avenue
Room D6.136
Montreal, QC, H3G 1A4
Tel.: 514 934-1934 ext.48044
Fax:514 934-8438