Department of Pathology

Our department provides diagnostic services to 1.2 million patients from the McGill University Health Centre and LaSalle Hospital.


To be an international leader in pathology education and research, while providing the highest quality of diagnostic service. 


  • Provide innovative teaching to prepare future leaders in pathology and in medical science. 
  • Produce high impact research to expand our basic understanding of human health and disease. 
  • Optimize pathology practice to provide timely and highest quality diagnostic consultation services to our patients.  


  • PEOPLE: Team work, collegiality, trust, respect, and caring 
  • PERFORMANCE: Integrity, self-discipline, dedication, and excellence 
  • LEADERSHIP: Transparency, fairness, accountability, and innovation  


  • Maintain and enhance the department’s national and international status as one of the best places to provide pathology education.
  • Achieve the recognition at the national or international level of leading research programs. 
  • Achieve the recognition at the national or international level of leading clinical subspecialty areas. 
  • Establish a robust Quality Assurance system for all MUHC hospital sites, leading to accreditation by the College of American Pathologists.

We were awarded $100,000 from the Cedars Cancer Foundation to support the Molecular Pathology Laboratory.

The MGH Foundation supports some of our research activities.

We need support in the following areas:

  • Renovation of the Pathology Research Centre’s facilities.
  • Bar coding system to improve service quality.
  • Voice recognition system to improve reports’ turnaround time.