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Our Team

The department has 25 pathologists and 3 PhD scientists supported by technologists and administrative staff.

Dr. Zu-hua Gao


Marie Vachon


Dr. Kevin Watters 

 Assistant Chief

Laurie Ball

 Assistant Manager

Dr. Chantal Bernard

 Director of Pediatric Pathology

Dr. Marie-Christine Guiot

 Director of Neurological Pathology, MNH Site

Dr. Jason Kramchandani

 Director of Immunohistochemistry, FISH and Special Stains Laboratory

Dr. David Haegert

 Director of Molecular Pathology Laboratory

Dr. Manon Auger

 Director of Cytopathology

Dr. Rene Michel

 Director of Hematopathology

Dr. Victoria Marcus

 Director of Gastrointestinal Pathology

Dr. Richard Fraser

 Director of Cardiac Pulmonary Pathology and Autospy

Dr. Atilla Omeroglu

 Director of Breast Pathology

Dr. Jocelyne Arseneau

 Director of Gynecological Pathology

Dr. Fadi Brimo

 Director of Genitourinary Pathology

Dr. Alexandra Duncan

 Director of Cancer Cytogenetics

Dr. Miriam Blumenkrantz

 Director of Quality Assurance

Dr. Sunmi Jung 

 Director of Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology

Dr. Derin Caglar

 Director of Head and Neck Pathology

Dr. Jason Kramchandani

 Resident Program Director