The Global Doctor: Scientific Medicine and Social Movements - Lecture by Dr. Richard Horton

Dr. Richard Horton, the Chief Editor of the Lancet medical journal, delivered the thirty-second annual Osler Lecture at McGill University on October 29, 2008 The sometimes controversial Dr. Horton spoke passionately on "The Global Doctor: Scientific Medicine and Social Movements". Listing the millennium development goals, among which are improved maternal health and reduced child mortality, he pointed out that doctors can be leaders of political as well as clinical change. He also illustrated how health is a neglected aspect of energy policy, and how health often depends on mental health. The video is a composite of Dr. Horton's recorded lecture and his slide presentation. View (download) the slides LINKS: - The Lancet medical journal - World Health Organisation - Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival - Global Movement For Mental Health - Millennium Development Goals