Our Team

Our clinical team includes over 20 physicians, as well as a support from a team of allied-health professionals that includes nurse specialists, dieticians, psychologists and social workers

Our research group is comprised of over 10 investigators that are members of the Infectious Diseases and Immunity in Global Health Program of the McGill University Health Centre Research Institute. 

Division Director

Dr. Marcel Behr

Medical Director of Infection Control

Dr. Charles Frenette

MUHC Infectious Diseases Outpatient Clinic Director

Dr. Vivian Loo

Chronic Viral Illness Service Clinical Director

Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy

Chronic Viral Illness Service Research Director

Dr. Marina Klein

Centre for Tropical Diseases Director

Dr. Michael Libman

Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship

Dr. Makeda Semret

Medical Director of Microbiology Lab

Dr. Jerry Zaharatos

Director of ID Heme-Onc Transplant (ID-HOT) Service

Dr. Donald Vinh