Music Therapy - Pediatric

Music therapy in paediatrics 

At 15, Brenda has suddenly fallen ill. She is angry and frustrated about missing school and anxious about her future. In music therapy Brenda composes a hip hop song about being sick and accompanies herself on instruments of her choice. In this way Brenda is able to share and address the difficulties of her illness.

♪ Promotes self-expression  

♪ Promotes communication  

♪ Provides coping strategies  

Mathias, born two months early, must stay in the neonatal unit. At the sound of the guitar, Mathias moves his hands and feet, and turns his head toward the music. His mother gently lifts him into her arms and sings a lullaby, accompanied by the soft strumming of the guitar. Mathias drifts off to sleep.  

♪ Stimulates development in the child  

♪ Improves quality of life for the child and his family  

♪ Supports parent/child bond, reduces isolation 



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