Clinical Services

Discharge planningThe TBI in-patient program

The program specializes in mild to severe TBIs and is multidisciplinary. The goal of this program is to medically stabilize the patients and then decide from all medical, psychological and social domains, whether the patient is a rehabilitation candidate or not.

After having been assessed by the entire TBI team, the patient can:

  • go home with an out-patient follow-up at the Montreal General Hospital TBI clinic or in out-patient rehabilitation
  • go to in-patient rehabilitation
  • placed in a long-term care facility


The TBI out patient program

The program is dedicated to the mild TBI patients coming from the Montreal General Hospital and other surrounding medical facilities. The out-patient program is composed of a physiatrist and a neuropsychologist. The goal is to quickly see the patients within a few weeks of their accident in order to stop possible symptoms chronicity and give them the proper adjustments and follow-up needed to go back to their daily lives.

Program coordinator: Michel Abouassaly (42048)