Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient and user at the MUHC, you have certain rights that the Committee works very hard to protect. And, as patients, there are also certain responsibilities. 

Your rights as a patient are to:

  • receive care in a welcoming and safe environment;
  • be treated in a courteous and respectful manner;
  • have access to your medical file;
  • have your personal health information treated in confidence;
  • receive information about services and resources;
  • be kept informed about the state of your health;
  • choose a health-care professional and institution;
  • accept or refuse treatment;
  • receive the benefit of adequate, ongoing, and personalized services;
  • receive services in French or English;
  • be kept informed of the risks and consequences of treatment options;
  • take part in any decision that affects your health or welfare;
  • be represented by a person of your choice;
  • file a complaint.


Your responsibilities as a patient are to:

  • provide information about your medical history (allergies, medications, state of health);
  • treat others with courtesy and respect;
  • be aware of the risks in leaving the hospital before your doctor discharges you;
  • prepare your questions for your doctor in advance;
  • play an active role in your own care and treatment;
  • follow hospital rules, regulations and policies, such as hand-washing and safety measures;
  • cancel appointments with clinics and doctors as much in advance as possible;
  • arrive on time for your appointments.