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A Day in the Life of Denis Francis, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Denis Francis is a clinical nurse with Ambulatory Services at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Montreal Chest Institute (MCI).. For the last 15 years, he has worked in the Tuberculosis Outpatient Clinic, where he follows patients throughout their treatment.

Denis Francis

Tuberculosis is an infectious mycobacterial disease which is, in its active phase, transmitted in droplets when a patient coughs and sneezes. After the first contact with the microbe, the disease can develop rapidly or remain latent for several years before activating. Latent tuberculosis is not contagious, but patients should undergo preventive treatments, which can reduce the risk of activation by approximately 90 per cent.

Denis prepares the examination room for the arrival of patients.
Denis gives a blood test
Denis speaks with Mélanie Lemay, administrative agent
Christian Mark de Jesus has just learned that he has latent tuberculosis
Denis participates in the weekly scientific TB rounds
Denis participe à la réunion scientifique hebdomadaire sur la tuberculose
Denis discusses a case with his colleagues, Clinical Nurse Specialists Amélie Fosso and Octavien Boito
Denis visits the clinic nurses at the Day Hospital, Élodie Viau and Cordelia McNeil.
Mrs. Kaur has just finished a long treatment for active tuberculosis.

Unite to End TB: Leave no one behind

2017 is the second year of a two-year "Unite to End TB" campaign for World TB Day.

This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) will place a special focus on uniting efforts to "Leave No One Behind", including actions to address stigma, discrimination and marginalization, and to overcome barriers to access care.

Source: World Health Organization