2010 Director General’s Awards

On Saturday, November 6, 2010, the McGill University Health Centre honoured the exceptional contributions of ten individuals and one team representing each job category at its 2010 Director General’s Awards Gala.

Simultaneously, we celebrated the accomplishments of every nominee and member of the extended MUHC family for their dedication to The Best Care for Life through outstanding patient care, research, teaching and technology assessment.

Rosie Cuscuna is a Nuclear Medicine Typist and a member of the MUHC family since 1983. Patients appreciate her tremendous empathy while colleagues are quick to point out her dedication to her job.


Tony Pellicciotti has over 25 years at the Montreal General under his belt, and is responsible for Housekeeping at the ICU. His cheery nature lifts everyone’s spirits.

[Para-technical, auxiliary services and trades category]

Rosemary O’Grady, a Nurse Manager in Palliative Care with a winning smile, is appreciated by her team for her pragmatic leadership, profound sense of moral integrity, dedication towards their well-being and ability to listen and support them.


Benoit Riendeau, an Assistant Nurse Manager in the Emergency Department of the Montreal General Hospital, always does his utmost to ensure the emotional and physical needs of patients and their families are attended to even when things are ultra busy.


Dr. Aurore Côté is a Physician specializing in Pediatric Respiratory Disorders. Passionate about how telehealth can extend expertise to remote regions, her colleagues note how she builds networks, is a great communicator and has many medical accomplishments.


Christos Calaritis is Chief of Pediatric Perfusion and Coordinator of extracorporeal life support services (ECMO) at The Children’s. His overwhelming commitment to critically-ill children and his leadership were singled out by his peers.



Brian Meehan is a Research Assistant with over 20 years of experience in the investigation of diseases. His colleagues describe him as selfless, thoughtful, a mentor to students and a great teammate who enjoys thinking about how to optimize processes.

[Research Institute]

Dr. Thamer Nouh is a Surgical Resident who is passionate about his work. His patients, colleagues and students all agree that he is a considerate and dedicated person.


MUHC Personality Disorders Extended-Care Clinic Team: Dr. Allen Surkis, Dr. Lise Laporte, Dr. Ronald Fraser, Dr. Miriam Berkovic, Marie-Pierre Mailhot, Nicole Julien, Dr. Jennifer Russell, Dr. Joel Paris, Dr. Sally Butterworth, Dr. Tanya Bergevin, Barbara Morningstar and Victoria Lavinskas. They have made it their life’s work to enhance the quality of life of their patients and their families, most recently by helping transfer knowledge to professionals in the community.


Lorraine Allard, an EEG Technical Coordinator, is known by colleagues to be the very model of an intelligent, motivated and dedicated frontline ambassador.


Robert Hartley, a Volunteer in Occupational Therapy, is one of those people who, according to colleagues and patients, lights up the room when he walks in. He is respected for being creative, caring and engaging.