2011 Director General's Awards

On Saturday November 12, the McGill University Health Centre honoured the exceptional contributions of ten individuals and one team at its 2011 Director General’s Awards Gala. 

We acknowledge their drive and determination, their special virtues, the spirit with which they fulfil their responsibilities, and the support they extend to their colleagues, our patients and their families. 

Mr. Nasrallah Aoun
Technical Coordinator, Biomedical Technology


Recognized as being versatile and a great listener, Nasrallah is always looking for the best solutions to meet the many needs of an ever-changing environment where the stress level is consistently high.


Ms. Angelina Sciascia
Administrative Agent


Eager to improve practices, Angelina constantly brings novel ideas to the table and is ready to integrate change in her work environment. The challenges are never too big or too great in number: she jumps at the opportunity to take on new projects, particularly one that improves or promotes new practices within the MUHC.


Dr. David Fleiszer
Associate Professor of Surgery, McGill University
Surgeon and Director of the Education Portfolio, MUHC


Since the beginning of his career, he has stood out through his commitment to an inter-professional, team-based approach that puts patient care at the heart of his practice.


Kimberley Kotar
Research Coordinator

[Research Institute]

Kimberley has been working for the Research Institute of the MUHC for the last ten years, first as a Research Coordinator in Medical Genetics and, since 2007, as part of the Respiratory, Epidemiology and Clinical Research Unit of the Montreal Chest Institute.


Liliana Giannini
Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


A staff member of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital since 1981, Liliana Giannini is a devoted nurse whose expertise is only surpassed by her generosity.


Myrtle Neel


Every year, in early May, she begins by tilling the soil then she plants the garden and tends it daily to give patients a better quality of life. When the gardening season is over, Myrtle makes crafts with the team of volunteers and helps organize fundraising events to support activities for The Chest’s long-term patients.


Esther Lando
Speech-Language Pathologist


Known for her ability to listen and her dedication to patients and co-workers, she is a high-level practitioner who has mastered her field of expertise and is constantly in search of new knowledge.


Claude Alarie
Patient Care Attendant

[Paratechnical, Auxiliary services and Trades Personnel]

After having worked for nearly twenty years in supervisory roles in the manufacturing sector, Claude Alarie decided to shift gears so that he could make a difference by contributing to something he holds near and dear to his heart: the well-being of others.


Dr. Jeremy Grushka
General Surgery Resident

[General Surgery Resident]

Down-to-earth and attentive to those around him, Dr. Grushka exemplifies both the enthusiastic clinical leader and consummate patient advocate. Currently a seventh-year resident in General Surgery, Dr. Grushka is slated to graduate by summer 2012.


Team: Long Term Care Unit
Camille-Lefebvre Pavillion (2 East and 3 East)


The mission of the Long-Term Care Unit (2 East and 3 East) at the Camille-Lefebvre Pavilion is to provide exceptional quality care in an alternate living environment for people with loss of autonomy.


Krista Brecht
Clinical Nurse Specialist


Krista serves as a trustee for the International Education Foundation of the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society and the Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation. In addition, Krista travelled to Rwanda in 2007 to launch a pain education mentorship program.