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CRI Career Day

A resounding success!

The Comité de la relève infirmière (CRI) is a sub-committee of the Council of Nurses, an official advisory body that provides a platform for nurses to voice their recommendations on everything pertaining to quality, safety, accessibility and other topics directly affecting the areas in which they work, to the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) Board of Directors and President and Executive Director.

The CRI was formed by a team of nurses from the MUHC to help nurses with less than five years of experience enter the work force and provide them with information, resources and support.

The CRI recently held a Career Day during which participants were able to follow more experienced colleagues working in another field or department for a whole day. We talked about this successful initiative with Laurence Cobo, Vice President of the CRI. We also asked two participants – Julie Thuy Vi Dang, Clinical Nurse, and Marly Alix, Nurse Practitioner – to share their impressions of this day.