New CT scanner at the Lachine Hospital

Eric Paiement and Florence Clerc, two super-users of the new Somatom Definition Edge CT scanner at the Lachine Hospital, familiarize themselves with some of details on the new machine. Patients can already receive scans. The new machine delivers a much better image quality and, for patients, over 50 per cent less exposure to radiation.

Fine tuning of the CT-Scan

Delivery required the creation of an additional opening at the entrance to the hospital. The new CT machine means much improved speed and reliability for these types of scans at the Lachine Hospital.

 CT-scan delivery1

CT-scan delivery2

From right to left : Farah Sadegi, Sylvie Landry, Guylaine Duquette, Annie Yang, Fatima Toty, Suzanne Brunet, Igor Bratu, Mari-France Hénault, Florence Clerc, Michael Valente, Dr Alfred Leblanc, Eric Paiement