Dr. Samara Zavalkoff - Marthe-Pelland Award

Our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Samara Zavalkoff who was presented with the Marthe-Pelland Award on Monday, which has been given to outstanding women physicians since 2019 on the occasion of International Women's Rights Day.   

 In her nine-year career, Dr. Zavalkoff has made her mark not only as a talented pediatrician, but also as an mobilizing leader. Inspired by her mentors, she now aspires to inspire her colleagues in return:  

“I have been mentored by and work with so many incredible women and hope that prizes such as this one will help highlight the amazing work we are all doing in medicine. Health care and our patients truly benefit when we access the talents of everyone- men and women alike.” - Dr. Samara Zavalkoff. 

Dr. Samara Zavalkoff