Research and Innovation

Familial Endophenotypes in Mood Disorders Study

N. Low– Research

Dr. Nancy Low is currently conducting a study on risk factors associated with the development and severity of mood disorders. She is particularly interested in recruiting participants of the Mood Disorders Clinic who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or major depression. The current study consists of an interview session, self-report questionnaires, and a computer task. The whole study takes approximately three hours to complete. Relatives of participants are also eligible to participate in the study. If interested, please contact Dr. Low’s research assistants at 514-934-1934 extension 35536.  

G. Gobbi – Research, visit also: G.Gobbi Lab

  • Endocannabinoid system in Mood Disorders
  • Melatonin receptors ligands in mood disorders and sleep
  • Antidepressants: Clinical Trials of Phase II Antidepressants
  • Evaluation of Clinical Response to antidepressant combinations
  • Biomarkers in Mood Disorders

P. Cervantes – Research

  • Phenotypical and Molecular Heterogenicity of Bipolar Disorder. This is part of a larger research project, but we have contributed 130 patients
  • Genetic Study of Bipolar Disorder & Comorbid Migraine: A Pilot Study
    P. Cervantes & Theo Kolivakis – use of rTMS as an adjunct to Lithium & Bupropion & Lithium + placebo