General Internal Medicine

The Division of General Internal Medicine (GIM) is a corner stone of the functioning of the MUHC through the provision of complex care to patients, through innovations in coordination of care and through the extent of our educational contribution.  

We provide patient care and consultation services to:

  • very sick patients and patients with complicated medical issues 
  • patients who have come to the Emergency Department, or who are hospitalized on inpatient medical clinical teaching units, in other hospital care units 
  • patients who have come for specialized medical consultation in the outpatient clinics 

Areas of focused clinical expertise include:

  • Peri-Operative Medicine
  • Obstetrical Medicine 
  • Vascular Medicine

Members of the GIM Division practice across the MUHC sites (the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal General Hospital, the Lachine Hospital and the Montreal Neurological Hospital).

Our GIM faculty members are significantly involved in teaching McGill students and residents, as well as educating their colleagues and patients. Many members of the Division of GIM conduct research and/or are involved in administrative activities at the hospital, university and for the broader medical community. Many members are also involved in Quality Improvement projects for hospitalized patients.

Finally, we provide on- site and telemedicine medical consultation to primary care physicians in the Northern communities.