Care and Services

In General Internal Medicine (GIM), we generally see patients with:

  • illnesses whose diagnosis is unclear
  • illnesses not responding to usual treatments
  • multi-system diseases
  • multiple diseases and medications
  • chronic medical problems who are going for surgery
  • chronic disease affecting pregnancy, or medical diseases occurring during or right after pregnancy
  • difficult-to-treat hypertension and high risk vascular conditions

These patients can either be directed to:

  • GIM Outpatient Clinics: specialized medicine consultation available upon referral 
  • Peri-Operative Medicine: to optimize patient care prior to surgery
  • Obstetrical Medicine: for women with medical issues affecting and/or related to pregnancy
  • Vascular Medicine: for diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of blood vessels
  • Bone Clinic: for patients with disorders of bone metabolism, such as osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, osteogenesis imperfecta

GIM also provides Consultation Services for patients who are either:

  • in an MUHC Emergency Department 
  • admitted in the hospital outside of a medical clinical teaching unit 
  • in Northern communities