Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Special Message to our Patients

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as per government regulations, we are reducing the amount of in-person visits to the hospital clinics.  As a result, we are asking most patients not to come to the hospital, but to be available at their phone for a telephone "visit".

We will call you to advise you if you are among the few that SHOULD come for the appointment

How to prepare for a telephone consult:

  • Look at your hospital card. If the phone number on it is not up to date, call us with the best number to reach you at
  • Do not cancel your appointment, just, do not come to the hospital
  • Please expect the Doctor's call on or near your appointment date 
  • Keep at hand a list up to date of your medications
  • Prepare list of questions for the doctor beforehand
  • For diabetes patients, please provide the glucose readings (email them to your doctor if you have been asked to)
  • If you are on an insulin pump or using continuous glucose monitoring, upload your results to the appropriate service (diasend, clarity, libre, etc)
  • Please provide the pharmacy telephone and fax numbers
  • The doctor's call will come from a confidential number or private caller- the call may not be exactly at the time of your appointment

At the end of the telephone visit, we will:

  • Mail you your follow up appointment (if it is needed)
  • Send you a new blood test request sheet (if is is needed)
  • Order any medical imaging or consults to other specialties (if it is needed) and mail you a copy
  • Send in any prescription renewals to the fax number you give us

How to contact the clinic:

RVH Glen site:

Tel: 514-934-8224 and then select options 2-4-2 (for English) and 1-4-2 ( for French).


Tel: 514-934-1934 (44760) 

To fax a consultation request: 514-934-4404

Thank you for your patience. We share your concerns during this difficult time.


In the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, we research, treat and deal with all of the disorders considered under the endocrinology rubric. Our physicians also attend numerous specialty- and subspecialty-structured clinics within our own division and other clinics within the divisions of other specialties. We maintain links to other divisions at McGill, as well as other institutions in Montreal, Canada and abroad.

We help our patients manage disorders such as:

  • diabetes, 
  • lipid disorders, 
  • osteoporosis and calcium disorders, 
  • fertility and women’s health issues, 
  • endocrine and neuroendocrine tumours, 
  • and hormone imbalances of the glands within the endocrine systems (thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, etc.).