Elected members of the MUHC Patients’ Committee

Last updated in August 2016

The Committee members have been elected as representatives from various MUHC sites and missions.

The following list indicates the members’ names, their positions on the MUHC Patients' Committee, and the sites or missions they represent:

Member's Name Position Site or Mission Represented
Seeta Ramdass Co-Chair Montreal Children’s Hospital
Amy Ma  Co-Chair  Montreal Children’s Hospital
Falk Kyser Secretary Neurosciences and Mental Health Missions
Hafeez Subhan Treasurer Montreal General Hospital

Douglas Burns Member Royal Victoria Hospital
Richard Leboeuf-McGregor Member Medical Mission
Pierrette Leroux Member Lachine Hospital
Elizabeth Markakis Member Royal Victoria Hospital
Tom McCutcheon Member Montreal General Hospital
Kevin McKie Member Cancer Care Mission
Pierre Hurteau Member Cancer Care Mission
Evelyn Seligman Member Medical Mission
Mario Chiasson Member Camille-Lefebvre Pavilion (Inpatients) 
Mari Jo Pires Member Neurosciences and Mental Health Mission

Patients’ Committee Representation on the MUHC Board of Directors: 

Seeta Ramdass