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Clinical Nurse Specialist Luisa Ciofani makes one mom's breastfeeding dreams come true


Luisa Ciofani, Clinical Nurse Specialist with mother Cynthia Lepore and daughter Abeille

As a Clinical Nurse Specialist who is a lactation consultantwith expertise in helping mothers to breast feed, Luisa Ciofani sees many moms who need her assistance. One example is Cynthia Lepore, who was admitted to the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH), with her daughter Abeille Perron because Ms. Lepore had a severe breast infection. "This is a mother who required specialized knowledge to help her maintain both her milk production as well as a breast feeding relationship with her baby," says Ms. Ciofani. "In general, I am amazed at mothers who work so hard to give their babies not only the best nutrition, but the best possible start in life."

Four weeks after the first breast infection, Cynthia was readmitted for a second infection in the same breast. "I really wanted to breastfeed from the moment I gave birth, but this turned out to be harder than I thought.I wondered whether it was still possible. My infection actually got so painful, I considered stopping," says Ms.Lepore. Thanks to Ms. Ciofani's expertise, and deep understanding, this new mom was not only able to realize her dream, but to also overcome her fears of breastfeeding. "After multiple visits and phone conversations with Luisa, I was able to continue and I am still breastfeedingto this day," says Ms. Lepore.

Abeille Perron is now five months old. I want to thank Luisa for her professionalism,her patience and her devotion. She always had a solutionor alternative technique to ensure success. She showed methat with perseverance, success is not far. This experience will be unforgettable and forever etched in my mind. Thank you, thank you Luisa."