About the Geriatric Division

The Division of Geriatric Medicine aims to be a leader in the provision, development, implementation and evaluation of innovative care for patients. The MUHC is at the forefront in recognizing the highly complex aspects of geriatric care, along with its related medical conditions and is advancing the boundaries of collaborative care models in the areas of dementia, falls prevention, rehabilitation, orthopedics, vascular surgery and cardiac surgery.

The Division of Geriatric Medicine has both an in-patient consult team to respond to the needs of vulnerable older adults from the moment they enter the Emergency Room until discharge. The outpatient clinics evaluates and treats older adults with physical and cognitive impairment, while working with community services to maintain them safely in their homes. The Division offers specialized rehabilitation on an outpatient basis through its Geriatric Day Hospital.

The Age-Friendly Hospital

Fifty-five percent of acute-care beds at the MUHC adult sites are occupied by patients over 65 years of age. In addition, the fastest growing age group is 85 years and over. Navigating health care causes stress on older patients. The MUHC is developing a model of care that is more favourable for this vulnerable patient group. This initiative, called the Age-Friendly Hospital Concept, is based on the World Health Organization concept and places the MUHC at the forefront of this worldwide trend. 

Collaborative Care

The Division of Geriatric Medicine provides benefits to all older adult programs while playing a major teaching role. Among these programs, there is the Dementia Education Program devoted to empower caregivers through training using simulation and blended learning techniques. The Division is also engaged in advancing the science of aging and improving quality of care through research in collaboration with a large number of scientist from MUHC and abroad.

Available programs

  • Geriatric Day Hospital Program
  • In-hospital Delirium and Functional Decline Prevention
  • Memory Disorders and Behaviour Management
  • Falls Prevention
  • Competency Assessment