Care for the mind, body and spirit of each cancer patient

Cedars CanSupport

Founded by cancer survivor Gwendolyn Andrews Nacos in 1988, Cedars CanSupport offers a wide range of free services and support programs to help care for the mind, body and spirit of each cancer patient. Cedars CanSupport is funded through the fundraising efforts of the Cedars Cancer Institute. Cedars CanSupport



Cedars CanSupport offers:
• Psychological and emotional support, both individual and group
• Resource centres with wigs, turbans, music CDs, etc.
• Information and resource centres
• Public lectures on key issues in oncology
• Practical, educational and emotional support
• Financial assistance
• Peer support from cancer survivors
• Professionally led support groups and workshops
• One-person-at-a-time care
• Help for those who don’t know where to turn

Gwen Nacos, pictured above visiting with Gina Bertozzi, explains why she founded Cedars CanSupport: “When faced with cancer, I was fortunate to have had the constant and close support of a husband, family and friends, as well as the means to hire help at home. While sitting in waiting rooms and lying in hospital beds, I became aware that many cancer patients lacked the resources and support that I was privileged to have.”