Our Mission

As a unique academic hospital-based ethics team of professionals, the Centre for Applied Ethics furthers the MUHC vision of assuring exceptional and integrated patient-centric care, research, teaching and technology assessment.

The CAE provides ethics services to the MUHC community in situations where competing values raise important questions related to clinical and innovative care, research and organizational decision-making.

The Center for Applied Ethics:

  • Offers MUHC clinicians ethics resources to deliberate conflicting values and fosters their ability to provide exemplary care that meets professional ethical standards; 
  • Promotes knowledge of ethics and the ethics resources within the MUHC through clinical, research and teaching practices; 
  • Provides research ethics consultations, education and efficient and timely  review of research projects to facilitate cutting-edge research, while promoting participants’ well-being and meeting the highest ethical standards;
  • Assists administrators in making decisions that are in keeping with the organization’s own mission and values;
  • Promotes the importance of health care ethics by actively participating in important social debates, law and policy development and educating the community at large about ethics.

Our team of professionals collaborates with clinicians, researchers and administrators to provide expertise in ethics and ensure consistent application of institutional processes.