The Centre for Applied Ethics presents its 2017-2018 Annual Report

This is the CAE’s first annual report. It describes all the activities accomplished by the CAE team in 2017-2018 and highlights certain accomplishments since the CAE's creation in 2014.

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The Centre for Applied Ethics

The MUHC Centre for Applied Ethics provides ethics services to the MUHC community in situations where competing values raise important questions related to clinical and innovative care, research and organizational decision-making. 

The three broad areas of expertise include: 

  1. Organisational
  2. Clinical
  3. Research

The Centre for Applied Ethics (CAE) was created April 1, 2014. The transition towards the CAE is ongoing and involves the integration of the Research Ethics Office and the Office of Clinical Ethics, as well as the development of organizational ethics services. Existing Clinical Ethics Committees (CECs) and Research Ethics Boards (REBs) will continue with their mandates of policy development and ensuring ethical oversight of research involving human participants respectively.

  • Clinical ethics services can be requested through locating. 
  • Research ethics services involving the submission of protocols and all protocol related documents continues as usual through eReviews until March 25th 2016. Since March 30th, all research projects have to be submitted and reviewed thanks through through the Nagano web platform.

Centre for Applied Ethics