Volunteer Department – Adult sites

Due to the circumstances surrounding the CoVid19 pandemic, we have resumed some volunteering activities however not all programs have reopened. At this time, we are processing applications.
Thank you for your understanding.

Volunteers make a real difference in the lives of our patients, families and staff at the MUHC

Did you know that we have close to 2,300 volunteers who devote their time and energy to helping out in our hospitals, doing things like greeting patients, holding babies and holding hands, just being there in times of need, helping people find their way, leading arts and crafts programs, reading books and even volunteering their dogs, and so much more!

Our volunteer opportunities are based on the needs in different areas of the hospitals, matching the applicants’ skills, availability and experience to our current needs.

To volunteer now and download the application package, see the steps required on the Volunteer Now page.


Should you have any questions about volunteering at the information, please see our Contact us page.


83-year-old Ray Chiarella is a veteran MUHC Volunteer, and cancer survivor. After 16 years, there isn't a clinic or unit at the Montreal General Hospital where he hasn’t helped patients


Franceen Polevsky-Breault is one of the amazing volunteers who is making a difference in our patients' lives.