Nursing workshop gets makeover and becomes The Infection Control Amazing Race!

The Infection Control Amazing Race Teams

Red team:

Karen Gonzales, Iryna Petrukovich, Angie Gongora, Liliana Moreno 

Blue team:

Tracey Cavaliere, Kathy Higgins, Edna Schell, Arlina Jones, Winsome Clarke

Orange team:

Sharon Johnson, Robin Low, Marie Marcellus, Marta Walat

Yellow team:

Alina Stolberg, Pauline Tchakote, Lolette Maingrette

Green team:

Jamie Whalen, Leticia Calpito, Ann Deshong, Nicky Franchellini

Nurses from Unit 15 (Internal Medicine) at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Montreal General Hospital were pleasantly surprised when they took part in a nursing workshop in September.  With creativity and hard work, Nursing Professional Development Educator Shella Moyse, in collaboration with Infection Control Practitioner France Hamel, transformed the learning experience into an exciting competition. 

The Infection Prevention and Control Amazing Race comprised five stations in which teams of nurses performed a few physical and many mental challenges which tested their knowledge about infection control policies and procedures. 

After heated interactions and lots of laughs, Moyse announced the Race’s winning team, while Hamel talked about the unit’s impressive success rate and mentioned a few areas where improvements are needed to reach the Hand Hygiene Goal. 

In the end, both organizers, alongside Assistant Nurse Manager Elisa Ford, Clinical Nurse Specialist Maria-Helena Dias and Nurse Manager Joan Legair won kudos from participants for their hard work at making the MGH Infection and Prevention Control Amazing Race a big success!

View the slideshow below to learn more about the race and to find out who won it!