Update: Outbreak of Covid-19 at Lachine Hospital

On Sunday, November 22, an outbreak of COVID-19 was confirmed on a floor of the Lachine Hospital. Public health authorities were informed and the following actions have been taken:

  • Admissions were halted on the floor. We ask that the public do not to go to the emergency department of this hospital.
  • In accordance with established COVID-19 protocols, the Infection Prevention and Control (ICP) department and human resources teams are conducting an epidemiological investigation to trace close contacts of infected persons and to determine the probable sources of the outbreak and the potential transmissions.
  • All patients who may have been exposed to the infected individuals are under preventative isolation are being actively monitored for symptoms.
  • At the moment, 22 patients have tested positive.
  • All patients who have tested positive have been transferred to another hospital within the MUHC or the network, so the Lachine Hospital can remain a cold establishment.
  • Periodic screening is being conducted following exposure.
  • All healthcare workers who were exposed to positive patients have been tested; at the moment 14 healthcare workers have been declared positive and are not at work.
  • Ambulatory activities (outpatient clinics, consultations with specialists, radiology exams, blood samples, etc.) have gradually resumed since November 24, with the exception of cardiac ultrasound.