COVID-19: Vaccination of people with a chronic disease

The MSSS has just announced that as of April 12, 2021, vaccination will be extended to people under 60 years of age who have a chronic disease or a health problem that increases the risk of complications from COVID-19. This vaccination will be done under the recommendation of an attending physician in special circumstances, namely to:

  • persons who are currently hospitalized with a condition that puts them at risk for complications from COVID-19
  • patients undergoing renal dialysis, transplant patients and those currently undergoing treatment for cancer;
  • patients with advanced neurodegenerative conditions;
  • people who need to receive a dose of vaccine under the supervision of an allergist in a hospital setting.

Rest assured that at the MUHC, we are developing the modalities to implement this vaccination phase at all our sites.

At this time, please do not call our call center or outpatient clinics as they will not be able to provide you with information. Details will be posted on this page shortly.

If you are part of the priority groups (60 years and older), you can always make an appointment on Clic Santé to access a population-based vaccination clinic: .

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